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Accounting and administrative services

Entrepreneurs are obliged to keep business books but proper accounting also provides the basis for making financial decisions. A good accounting provides accurate analysis of business events as a basis for the direction of future business operations.

The basic package of accounting services includes:

  • initial drafting of accounting policies, establishing an accounting plan and creating business records,
  • keeping the ledger and additional records, receivables and liabilities of buyers and suppliers, analysis of long term assets and corresponding calculation of depreciation, cash operations,
  • drafting documents needed for accurate recording of business changes, recording all business changes and entering data into an accounting software (purchase and sales invoices, bank statements etc.),
  • continuous harmonisation of the state of buyers and suppliers,
  • calculation, drafting and submitting VAT, profit tax, withholding tax, special taxes and excise duties as well as other taxes, membership fees and contributions,
  • drafting and submitting stipulated reports to relevant institutions (Tax Administration, Croatian Financial Agency, Croatian National Bank, Croatian Health Insurance Fund, Croatian Pension Insurance Institute, Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency, etc.),
  • drawing up and submitting stipulated financial reports,
  • providing support during tax and other supervisions and audits – participation together with the client’s authorised representative in meetings with relevant institutions when necessary in order to interpret and explain the provided services

Additional services in this area according to the client´s wishes, needs and requests:

  • payment transactions – payment via online banking for the client´s needs and instructions,
  • calculating salaries (income from employment) and drawing up payrolls, payment orders for payments to be made to employees’ accounts as well as for the corresponding taxes and contributions,
  • calculating authors’ fees, contributions for service contracts, students service contracts, fees for members of supervisory boards,
  • filling out and submitting JOPPD forms via e-porezna service,
  • registering clients and clients’ employees for pension and health insurance via online applications,
  • drafting all compulsory reports related to clients’ employees and sending thereof electronically to relevant institutions,
  • reporting towards the management on a monthly basis or according to the agreement in line with clients’ specific requests,
  • preparating and filling out documents for the need of leasing companies, banks as well as communication with those institutions,
  • assistance in writing business letters, filling out forms and settling objections and complaints for the client´s needs, maintaining the records of decisions,
  • as well as all other accounting and administrative services according to specific requests and wishes of the clients.

In case there is a need to have a direct presence of a financial or accounting expert for a few days, a week or a month at clients’ premises, the service of a financial manager or head of accounting can also be arranged.

The service price depends on the combination of services and the scope of clients’ business operations.

For new companies in the first three months of operation we offer benefits programme – discount on our services.

For companies which are not satisfied with their present accounting services provider we offer a welcome programme when transferring – discount on our services in the first month of the provision of services.


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