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Real estate transactions (brokerage)

Real estate transactions (brokerage)

Our yearlong “passion” and hobby for real estate transactions, together with our related work experiance, we have turned into a part of our own business operations.

We believe that safety and cosiness of one’s own home is an important factor of personal fulfilment, and the comfort of business premises is a factor of business success, therefore we assist you in finding real estate of your dreams, in selling your own real estate but also in finding accommodation for leisure and relaxation, i.e. a small break from everyday reality.

We invest a lot of effort into satisfaction and safety of our clients. Each client is equally important to us and we have individual approach to each client’s interests and wishes.

If you have decided to buy or sell real estate, or if you are just thinking about it and you need additional advice, turn to us with confidence so we can inform you, protect you or arrange the best option for you! .We are always here for you in order to make the planned activities more comfortable and successful.

We are looking forward to the beginning of a successful cooperation!

Services we provide in this area are the following:

  • publication of free advertisements for selling, leasing or renting as well as targeted monitoring of advertisements for buying, renting or leasing wanted real estate,
  • finding buyers, real estate to buy, rent, lease or swap,
  • checking land register status of real estate
  • organising the process of obtaining energy certificates
  • counselling related to evaluating real estate market value
  • drafting preliminary contracts and/or contracts by our lawyers
  • transferring ownership in the land register
  • transferring utility charges
  • everything related to taxes
  • counselling related to construction, renovation, interior decoration, furnishing, maintenance and small repairs, garden and landscape design.