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About us


limited liability company for services is a company established with the purpose of providing services in:

  • accounting and administration,
  • financial and business consultIing and
  • real estate transactions (brokerage).

Our core values are: TRUST AND QUALITY

We build the trust of our clients on partnership, respect, equity and commitment towards all assumed tasks.

Every client is equally important. Our characteristics are a high level of professionalism and confidentiality and a partnership relation towards clients.

In everything we do we strive towards excellency which helps us achieve quality, i.e. the best value for our clients.

Our approach to our partners – clients is built on consistent finding the best solution for everyday business challenges by respecting their specificities and wishes.


Koraljka Slunjski Bočkaj

Company’s founder and director – Koraljka Slunjski Bočkaj graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb. Even though she majored in tourism and catering, her first job at Zagrebačka banka d.d. shaped her further career in finances and accounting.

Today she has more than 30 years of work experience in finances and accounting in different economic sectors, out of which 25 years on high management positions (head of finances and accounting) in small, medium-sized and large private companies.

The positions at which she obtained her business experience included, apart from finances, responsibility and everyday operative engagement in accounting tasks, business planning, business operations analyses, invoicing, salary calculation, coordination with auditors, lawyers and notaries public.

The companies she worked for were directly or indirectly affiliated (in terms of ownership and management) with other companies conducting different activities in Croatia and abroad and she was responsible for performing all financial and accounting tasks, control of business operations, risk management, reporting and consolidation at the group level.

While working in the real sector she gain knowledge and experience in tasks related to procurement, sales, labour, commercial and trade law and IT, ensuring that the companies operate complying with all changes of legal regulations. A comprehensive understanding of business processes has enabled her to successfully implement and upgrade IT information systems and business applications. She has participated in several procedures of due diligence, she has carried out several incorporations, liquidations, mergers and acquisitions of companies.

She has also acquired work experience in activities related to real estate, and her “passion” for real estate affairs has encouraged her to obtain further education in that area and the status of an authorised agent for real estate brokerage.

She regularly participates in professional seminars, symposiums and workshops where she constantly upgrades her knowledge and skills and she monitors all changes of legal regulations.

With her professionalism, work, knowledge and competences, good perception and understanding of business processes as well as her sense of responsibility, she certainly can and knows how to meet all your expectations.


Turn to us with confidence and get yourself a business partner you can rely on!