Financial and business consulting

Financial consulting

New (start - up) and/or small entrepreneurs are frequently not aware of the importance of a good financial management. They enter the world of entrepreneurship without evaluating the necessary financial means for smooth running of their business operations. Unfortunately, even entrepreneurs with significant business experience frequently overestimate their financial strength and start business operations which they cannot cover financially.

Financial decisions the entrepreneurs make define business activities they will conduct in the future, and the success or failure of a company largely depends in a large part on the entrepreneur’s ability to provide/find financial assets sufficient for stable business operations.

Every financial decision is not static, it is changeable and depends on a number of internal and external factors and is not made to last forever. Financial markets change fast and require fast response. Good managers cope well with routine problems but only the best among them can react to all changes timely and proactively. To successfully overcome new challenges, it takes  new enerpreneurs more than a feeling, they need to understand business processes and financial markets as well as when and why certain generally accepted procedures do not necessarily represent the best business moves. A stable financial plan and good understanding of financial trends significantly help in the struggle with everyday business challenges.   

Professional and careful financial management helps in making decisions which enable safe business progress. Considering our long business practice of managing finances of small, medium-sized and large companies, we are available for consulting regarding the above.

Your business operations are profitable but you still have solvency problems? We can estimate and evaluate your financial needs and monitor cash flow and benefits. 

We can provide services and assistance in:


Business consulting


You have a business idea and want enter the world of entrepreneurship but you lack the necessary knowledge and skills? You are confused by the quantity of regulations and documents you need to provide?

We are at your disposal for assistance in reviewing advantages,disadvantages and choosing of business entity form as well as help in registering the chosen entity in the relevant institutions.

You fail to find an optimum organisation of your business and you need time for performing certain tasks? You don´t manage business costs?

We can provide objective analysis of business processes, necessary procedures for cost management and help you organise, restructure and do your daily work faster and easier thus stimulating the growth and development of your business operations.

Business challenges can be an opportunity for a new boost.

We can therefore provide services and assistance in:


Service price depends on the combination of services and the number of hours spent consulting. The price of one hour is HRK 200.00 plus the VAT.

For the users of accounting service, there are benefits included in the price of monthly accounting services.


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